All Eyes "Demo 2012"
All part of their plan (Pee records split CD)
All In "Set the pace" (7")
Apache "ЖИВЕЕ ВСЕХ ЖИВЫХ" (tape)
Awaking the North "Here to stay" (CD)
Awaking the North / Böhse Tanten (split 7")
The Bakesys (CD)
Bajo Presion "Elkarrekin" (CD)
Bajo Presion "Music vs Money" (CD)
Bajo Presion (CD)
Ball de bastons / Makil dantza (LP compilation)
Bandage (LP)
Brutus´ Daughters "Beating beyond folk ashes" (CD)
Brutus´ Daughters "When the pubs are ..." (CD)
Bugatti (CD/LP)
Bywar/Crucifier "Two shots of ..." (split 7")
Callous "demo"
Can´t Relate "demo 2008" (limited edition 7")
Clear X Path "Wolfpack" (MCD/7")
Control de Plagas "s/t" (CD)
the Company/Chop Block (split CD)
the Company/Chop Block (split CD)
The Cilvrnigans (EP-CD)
Combat 77 (CD/LP)
Criminal Grounds (CD)
Official Commitment Records test pressing (7")
Deadboard "Day by day" (CD)
Deadboard (7")
The Decline "Can i borrow a feeling?" (7"/CDEP)
Dedication "Living free" (7")
Defy Order s/t (CD)
Deiedra "Dagda Beltza" (CD)
Deiedra "Ehorzlearen kantuak" (CD)
Deiedra "Guiski botila bat" (EP)
Deiedra "Usteak ustel" (CD)
El Camino mas largo (7")
El Pinchazo del Cerdo "Unx menos" (LP)
Firetrucks Rally "It´s ON!" (7")
Fly Shit "Arnas bakoitzeko..." (CD)
Fly Shit "Bizitza baina..." (CD)
Fly Shit "Bizitza baina..." (CD)
Get Wise "demo 2010" (CD)
Golden X (cassette)
Golden X (7")
Golden X (special edition 7")
Grave Bound "Break the chains" (CD)
Guda Dantza (CD)
Hardcore Help Foundation "volumen 2" (2xCD)
Hartzak Blues Band "Arima saldu" (7")
Hartzak Blues Band "Musika aldarrikatzen" (EP)
Hermanos Sancheski "Chao Chalao" (7")
Hightime "Ishi Prende" (CD)
Hil Aiari (EP)
Hold It Down "S/T" (CD)
Home Run "Your destiny" (7")
Inadaptadoss/Indulgencia (split tape)
Inadaptadoss "Apetito para la..." (CD)
Inadaptadoss/Mukeka di Rato (split CD)
Insted "For the first time tribute compilation" (LP)
Jesus Cröst "1986" (LP/CD)
Jesus Cröst "010" (CD)
4 tragos "Salta al arcen" (CD)
John Merrick (CD)
John Merick/Dedalo/Frieda´s... (split CD)
Justa Venganza "Contra las cuerdas" (CD)
Kid Armor "Better days" (7")
Kilometro 11 "III" (CDEP)
Annex 5 "Sex rag" (CD/LP)
Lo Petit Comitè (ep)
los Envidiosos "Lefa Rockin´" (CD)
Minority of One "Glory days" (LP)
Minority of One "south west coast" (EP)
Nasti de Plasti "Mi último reducto" (LP/CD)
Nasti de plasti "El ataque del..." (CD)
Nocivos (EP-CD)
NorkZer?! (LP)
Once I Cry "Good times are now" (7")
Once I Cry "Good times are now" (7" Unity rip off)
One common goal in sight (Truth Inside side / split 7")
One common goal in sight (Currahee side / split 7")
One common goal in sight (Unforce side / split 7")
Out Of Step "Mr.X and Mr.T" (CD)
Out of Step "Sometimes posi" (7")
Out of Step (CD)
Por la Gloria (CD)
Pressure "demo 09" (7")
Pressure "Your rage" (7")
Ràbia Postiva "Una cançoneta.." (10")
Requien for Belial/I Killed my slelf (CD)
Riot Company "Passion punk rock" (CD/LP)
Riot Company/Foreign Legion (split 7")
Second Combat/Motivation (split CD)
Skarmento/Plastic Guns (split 7")
Stand Clear "Keep it clear, keep it alive" (7")
Start Again compilation (cassette)
Strike Back (CD)
TakexOnexStep "The future value" (7")
the Howling Kid (CD)
Tibia "Creo que me estoy haciendo viejo" (7")
Toubkal "Nights of fun" (CD)
True Spirit records (7" test pressing)
Truth "Where I stand" (7" tess press cover)
Truth Inside "Best Times" (7")
Voluntad Propia "Un nuevo camino" (CD)
X-men "We won´t take part" (7")
X-men "the return of the" (7")
xCurraheex / Un Nuevo Comienzo "No Borders" (split CD)
xCurraheex "Back on track" (7")
xCurraheex "Why we fight" (7")
Youth Crew 2008 (7")
Youth Crew 2010 (7")
Youth Crew 2012 (7")
Youth Crew 2014 (7")
Youth Crew 2016 (7")
Youth Crew 2018 (7")