Take Warning "Desperate times"
Take Warning "Smile or fuck you!!!"
lo Spirito Continua Fest III
Lo Spirito Continua fest (Hooded Sweatshirt)
Un Dia de Furia
Korubo War Wear "snake"
Overseas "Pura Vida"
Jan, Piet, Joris en Corneel
Wothr It "Positive thoughts"
la Hora del Kaos
Neke Politikoa "Eyeskate"
Ugly & Proud Records "Shark"
Cucarachas (t-shirt)
Youth Crew 2018 (t-shirt)
Porco Bravo "PorcoGrooo!"
Do the Dog "Skanking hard since 1989"
Hold It Down "Sriwijaya Hardcore Alliance"
Pifia Records "Cuervo"
Deiedra "Rebel Folk"
xLions Roarx "tangana!"
Standing Apparel "Hate"
Wolf Down "Renegades"
Wolf Down "vegan power"
Commitment Records UK
Clear X Path "Wolfpack"
Deo Gloria "Lionhead"
Los Roñas
Police & Thieves "Steve Nazar tribute autumn"
Police & Thieves "Steve Nazar tribute summer"
Straight & Alert Records "Underdog" (t-shirt)
Positive and Focused "Jimbo & Bananas connection"
Clean Break "Face Value"
Hardcore Help Foundation
Hightime "Calavera"
Street Warriors
Summer Slam 88 "Jurassic Slam"
Korubo War Wear "K-shirt"
Korubo War Wear "chainsaws"
Korubo War Wear "camp korubo lake"
Korubo War Wear "koruboFace"
Korubo War Wear
Toubkal "Days of van"
More than Ink "Unity"
With Open Arms "Renegade"
Drink Hunters "with my crew"
Aid "addiction"
In Defence "Into the sewer tour 2009"
Striving for Togetheness records
Salad Days Records
Bajo Presion "Music vs Money"
Red Tape "Yuppie"
Red Tape "Yuppie eagle"
Red Tape "Glory days"
Police & Thieves "pssssecurity"
Odolaz Blai "RKL tribute"
Jesus Cröst
Brutus' Daughters
Brutus' Daughters "girl-shirt"
4 Barras Tour (Venice + Personal hate...)
Inadaptadoss "This is Zarate not B.A."
the Deadboard
Critical Point "Go Vegetarian!"
Ràbia Positiva "Foc a la barraca!"
Disaster Funhouse
Annex 5
World´s Appreciated Kitsch records
Positive and Focused "YES!"
Second Combat "Man made heaven"
Second Combat "Sinking"
Zaratataraz "Utzi bastonziloak alde batera!"
xThe Edgex "Saving the scene...."
Courage in Conviction "the war on addiction..."
Cordura "El incendio más largo del mundo"
Spandau Bullet "Nosotros los democratas"
Skarmento "Vento mareiro"
Izu Giroa
For the Worse
Fly Shit "Bizitza...baina nola bizi?"
Nasti de Plasti
Sintonics "Rock a todo trapo"
Porco Bravo
Legacy of Cain "Chica"
Legacy of Cain "Soldado"
Legacy of Cain "Angel"
XXX "Keep your life positive"
Instinct "Tel-Aviv hardcore"
Combat 77
AgroPunk VIII
AgroPunk VIII "Contra la usura musical"
AgroPunk IX "Masacre multinacional"
Straight Forward